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Resizing hard disk in a VM

June 4, 2009 Leave a comment

Today my virtual PC (Microsoft Virtual PC), on which I am running windows XP pro, was out of space. It had only 3MB free space available in its C drive. I wanted to increase the space. How to do it effectively without buying any software? I googled and within minutes I had a solution in front of me. Follow this link and this works like a charm
The idea is this:
1. Create another virtual hard disk by resizing (actually by using vmToolKit)
2. Add it as second disk to the existing VM. Now this second disk has free space (resized space – original space). But still this available space is unusable for the VM.
3. Boot the VM and Use DISKPART CMD line tool to extend the newly created VHD to the full available space.
4. Change the setting of the VM to boot from this second disk. Discard the first one.
Today I achieved this very easily. My VM is resized so that I can happily start filling up the rest of the space 🙂

Share if you know an easy way.

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