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Unable to see Solution File in Solution Explorer : VS Tip

October 13, 2009 10 comments

Today one of my colleagues called me for a very important (and common) doubt: He is unable to see the solution icon in the solution explorer window in Visual Studio 2008.


ASPNETAJAX is his project file and he has a solution file of the same name (ASPNETAJAX.sln). He wanted to add an existing project to this solution file, but unfortunately how hard he tried he was unable to see the solution file in the solution explorer window.

In Visual Studio 2008 everything is configurable, every time when there is a problem like this one must consult not Google but Tools –> Options menu.


Ah, there he is! Under Projects and Solutions –> General there is an option Always show solution.

If this is not enabled, when your solution file has only one project, the solution icon will not show up in the solution explorer. But if your solution file has more than one project solution file will show up always in the solution explorer, no matter whether you enable or disable this option.

After my colleague enabled this option, solution file appeared in his solution explorer.


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