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MVC and Continous Learning

June 10, 2009 Leave a comment

Finally, yesterday I did some work on ASP.NET MVC 1.0 and managed to create (and run) a sample application. (I follow Scott Gu’s blog and I was eyeing at this MVC thing for a long time. But my work pressure kept me off until now). I am in a very early stage of learning ASP.NET MVC. I was following a tutorial – I have mentioned this in my previous post – from ASP.NET site and as all the tutorials are, this is incomplete. People with minimal programming experience will find this tutorial tough and not working as expected. They might think MVC is tough and complex. In reality it is.

I remember my days when I worked with Spring and Hibernate for a very small but very well structured company called iMocha. I worked there only for 2 months, but I loved the work culture and the way they do things.

Since I was working with ASP.NET web forms for about 4 years, I can’t really grasp what is the need for such a complex framework like MVC. (If I had jumped directly from Spring and Hibernate to ASP.NET MVC framework, probably I wouldnt had this doubt). Certainly this is not suitable for rapid development and small projects. I wanted to know, the real benefits of using ASP.Net MVC Framework. I got this link. (I liked Plip’s creativity: the image that shows ASP.NET with in jail bars!) Don’t just read the post; the comments are more interesting than the post.

While trying to run this application, the thought of “continous learning “ (Martin Fowler has a definition?) suddenly struck me. As a core application developer I will have to learn and embrace new technologies as they evolve. This is a long process and will continue until I quit the software field. I saw this question in Stackoverflow.

The passionate guys never quit.

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