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How Fitzpatrick tricked AOL?

Smart as hell!

Fitzpatrick: Yeah, I worked at Tektronix for a while. Before I had any official job, I got some hosting account. I got kicked off of AOL for writing bots, flooding their chat rooms, and just being annoying.I was scripting the AOL client from another Windows program. I also wrote a bot to flood their online form to send you a CD. I used a variation of my name, because I didn’t want their duplicate suppression to only send me one CD, because they had those 100 free hours, or 5000 free hours. I submitted this form a couple thousand times and for a week or so the postman would be coming with bundles of CDs wrapped up.

My mom was like,"Damn it, Brad, you’re going to get in trouble" I was like"Er-their fault right?". Then one day I get a phone call and I actually picked up the phone, which I normally didn’t, and it was someone from AOL. They were just screaming at me. "Stop sending us all these from submissions". I am not normally this quick and clever, but I just yelled back,"Why are you sending me all this crap? Every day the postman comes! He’s dropping off all these CDs" They are like "We are so sorry sir. It wont happen again"

– From Coders at Work

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