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“Google”lable and “Bing”able Twitter

Google has reached an agreement with Twitter to include its updates in their search results. And Bing has also done the same kind of arrangements. This is a boost for Twitter and a very good news for us.

Only yesterday I wanted to search a blog post that was recommended by ScottGu. I didn’t remember the URL for the recommended blogpost. I know the words “Top 10 features asp.net 4”. The company that I work for, has banned Twitter. I thought of a search service for Twitter provided by other search giants will be good. So now it is available.

I still don’t know how to use Google to search Twitter messages but Bing has already provided an interface to search the Tweets.


But searching for this tweet didn’t bring up any results.

I tried to search by last tweet: Singapore getting diluted. But no luck. Bing didn’t bring up any results either.


But a search on @ScottGu gave few results.


As I can see, these are the results on tweets about scottgu.

Finally I searched using Twitter search itself. And also my tweet on Singapore getting diluted. Aha! The results are just fine. Hope the twitter search from Bing and Google will be OK very soon.

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