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Programming for Beginners

Really there are cool changes happening in Microsoft.

Today I learnt about this exiting new site for beginner programmers (from Scott Hanselman ) which was created to educate the beginner programmers. I know quite a few beginner programmers to whom I would send this link. If you guys know some kids/beginners, do the same.

As expected there are different tracks waiting for the beginners to choose from
1. Web Track: This track covers everything the beginners need to learn about how the internet works and how to create great (!) web applications. There are some tips and tricks too that would give more insight.
2. Windows Track: Great place to learn windows programming, graphics etc.
3. Aspiring Professional: After mastering basics of programming, the beginners can utilize this place to gain more in depth knowledge. There are some advertisements and tricks done here to make beginners spend money on training and upgrading to professional visual studio from free visual studio express.
4. Kids Corner: Why the kids always get the corner? No don’t think this corner is only for kids. This also includes video tutorials for Parents and Teachers who wants to teach the kids.

Beginners can choose either tracks 1 and 3 (web developer) or 2 and 3 (windows developer) or 1,2 and 3 (know-it-all, web-windows developer).

Beginners must install Silverlight to watch and learn all these videos; which is free and can be installed by clicking on the “Silverlight: Click to install the required version”.I think, Microsoft is violently marketing Silverlight. Cannot blame them, they are actually running out of time. They need all the machines to have Silverlight, only then they will be able to tackle the fierce competition from flash. Anyway this is out of our current topic.

There are really quite a lot of learning resources available now for kids and students who really want to do some programming. It is not like the time when I studied programming in my college. Few weeks before I and my friend Sajid were talking about this problem.

One of Sajid’s friends was doing a part-time job of “helping” university students to develop their projects. Actually he is not just helping; he is developing the whole project and selling it for a cost. This is not helping really. This actually spoils the kid and never gives him a chance to learn on his own.

@“Helpers”: Never and ever develop and sell projects to university students. If you have free time try to educate them and give pointers to learning resources.

@“Kids / Beginner Programmer”: Don’t rely on the “helpers”; there is lot of resources available now in the internet. Use them and build your own career. Happy programming!

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