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SQL Server 2008 : Prevent Saving changes

Today I was working on a pet project and got this weird problem. I have worked with SQL Server 2005 but this is my first experience with SQL Server 2008. On the first very attempt with SQL Server I got this error from Visual Studio Management Studio.


My change involves changing the column type from Nullable to Non-Nullable. So naturally SQL Server will have to drop the table and recreate the table. I understand.

But it is obvious that this message comes from Management Studio not from SQL Server. There must be some setting in Management Studio that does not allow me to do this change. I searched in the Tools  Options menu and aha I have struck gold.


Just uncheck “Prevent Saving changes that require table re-creation”. That’s it.
By the way, any good web3.0 project ideas for a asp.net pet project? Share with me

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