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Black Screen in Windows 7

Today I faced a weird problem. I have Windows 7 RC in my laptop. My laptop is HP Pavilion dv 1000. I have number of software development tools installed in my PC from Visual Studio 2005, 2008, 2010 to Flex Developer. I installed Microsoft Network Monitor 3.3 today. I downloaded from here.

After I installed this small piece of software that monitors the network, my wireless internet connection went down. Now I have to say another fact that I had some internet connectivity problems in the past week(I didnt know if it is because of Windows 7). A guy from Starhub(my internet provider) came to my house and fixed the problem by setting WPA security access to my wireless network. After this, my internet connection worked fine, except that the connection is closed whenever Windows went to hibernate mode. Once this happen, I can no way reconnect to my wireless network except to restart the machine. I am doing this for a while now.

So when the internet connection went down after installing Network Monitor I thought as usual that the problem was with the wireless connection and I restarted my machine. Windows 7 booted up normally, asked for the password and the circle rotated for a long time before it showed a black screen. Just a Black screen, that’s it. In the last line of that black screen there was “Windows 7, evaluation copy” thing; nothing more than that. I restarted the machine and restarted it again, in vain. Still I was getting the black screen. I switched to safe mode. Unfortunately I didn’t activate my restore options. Note that machine backup and restore option is not activated by default. So my restore option is void.

I realize that the problem causer was the Network Monitor. I tried to uninstall that piece of software. But later I realized that you will not be able to install/uninstall any software when Windows is in safe mode, because Windows Installer service will not be started in safe mode. In order to install/uninstall a software in safe mode, you will have to add a registry key as said here. A back door entry to start the windows installer service.

But I did not want to touch my registry by myself. After some Googling I came across a software named SafeMSI that changes the registry entry in such a way that you can run Installer service even in safe mode and so you will be able to install/uninstall any software.

After I uninstalled Network Monitor my laptop booted without a problem. Windows 7 is running quite fine. I still have to figure out why this Network Monitor has caused this trouble.

If you know the answer share with me.

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